Will "Raise the Roof" be back in NEO?

Will "Raise the Roof" be back in NEO?
July 21, 2018
No Christian Guess, no Dale Bonner, but does this really worry head coach Danny Young? If you ask me personally I thought it would. I mean these two guys where the heart and soul of Shaker High School basketball a.k.a Raise the Roof High, but when I asked coach Young himself his answer shocked me. Specifically asking him, what attitude did Christian Guess Bring to Shaker and do you expect that same attitude this year? Coach Young replied saying, "Christian brought a lot of toughness and energy each and every night. We expect to sustain that effort and energy this upcoming season. This year's team has a lot of toughness and fight in them." Dakota Cochran is big on coach Young's board of suspected leaders, after shooting 45% from deep last year, improving his overall game over the summer, and maintaining a 3.5 GPA in all advanced classes. Having shooters is all good and what not, but do you have anybody to get those shooters the ball, create for others and get their own shot to keep the defense honest. Coach Young told me Danny Young Jr has all of the tools to be not only a special player in Northeast Ohio, but a special player in the state, and after watching his mixtapes (filmed by 3rdCoast and WesView) seeing what this freshman has done in the summer against varsity competition is a treat for any basketball fan and scout. Coach Young also told me fans should expect an aggressive defensive style that turns defense into offense, which could equal high scoring games and some high flying. Will Dakota, Danny and the rest of Shaker Heights Basketball have enough to bring, "Raise the Roof High" back to Northeast Ohio.

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